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 The server's abit freaky

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The server's abit freaky Empty
PostSubject: The server's abit freaky   The server's abit freaky Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 3:48 pm

I cant play gmod right,at least without uber lag. (thx to Vista SP1)
THe server is funny

More than 10 people = crash within X mins.
When people use mics its sorta spazzes if theres 6 players or more.

Now is not the best time to reinstall gmod and do a full system whipe
I'm on the run from a hurricane. the internet here has at least 3 people connected to it.
So they be jacking my bandwith. heh

perhaps tone down the amount of players. i haev seen 17 on it at once. no admin
the moment i joind = BARREL SPAMMING.
it was lagging so bad i cant do anyhting.
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The server's abit freaky
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